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RCM Services

Full Billing Office Staff Package

This package is most convenient for Providers/Practices/Clinics, that do not have any staff and need a full Revenue Cycle Staff. We will charge you a flat % of all collections, and no other fees. 

The way we determine which rates best suit you are by the:

1.     Size of the practice/clinic

2.     Type of Specialty 

3.     Volume of claims/Accounts Receivable /Revenue 

Excluded from *new* credentialing enrollments. 

Insurance Credentialing Service

  • Starting at an affordable rate per each provider/application + a small monthly maintenance fee 

  • We credential, re-credential , and do rate/contract renegotiations 

Medical Coder

  • Affordable Hourly Rate depending on the volume of encounters, specialty and size of the practice. 

  • We have a team of Coders experienced in all specialties of healthcare. Some of the duties of the medical coders include: Reviewing and verifying documentation that supports diagnoses, procedures and treatment results. Identify diagnostic and procedural information. Auditing clinical documentation and coded data to validate documentation supports services rendered for reimbursement and reporting purposes. Assigning codes for reimbursements, research and compliance with regulatory requirements utilizing guidelines.

Billing Service Only

  • Affordable rates starting at 3% of collections

Billing + A/R Collector

  • One time small set up fee to get things started

  • Affordable rates depending on the size of the practice and projected revenue, and A/R Volume 

A/R Collector Only

  • One time small set up fee to get things started

  • Affordable rates depending on the A/R volume

Home Health Services And Hospice Consulting

  • 30-minute free consultation

  • Consulting service starting at $65/Hourly

Don’t see a service you need, or need a customized quote? We can create a package that is tailored to yours and your practice’s needs with services like California credentialing and more.


Medical Billing  

Medical Coding 

A/R & Denial Management 

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Authorization & Referral Management 

Patient Help Support

Virtual Front Office Staff 

EHR/PM Integration Assistance 

Medical Records Review

Insurance Audit Requests 

Revenue Cycle Management Services

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