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Andrew Schmale, MI

I have known Lilit for several years now. She has never been short of trustworthy, hard working, honest, and kind. Our relationship is professional though I have gotten to know her a bit personally so I can say she is as great of a person as she is a biller. Would highly recommend.

Maryse Nguyen, CA

I have been working with RCM for over 3 years and the experience has been great and pleasant. The staff is competent, hard-working, and updated with new rules and policies. I will continue to work with RCM and would also recommend my fellow colleagues to join.

PsychE Counselors, NY

Such a pleasure and positive experience to work with Rcm Pro Services. We Hired them 6 months ago for a collections project and they have been on top of it. Our AR was reduced by half in just 4 months. We look forward for the future and hiring them as our full-time billing team

Dr. Howard Lin Psy.D, CA

I partnered with RCM PRO SERVICES to seek help with my business, credentialing, and billing. Insurance credentialing and billing can be a daunting and arduous task. Lilit and her team got to know my business and I became credentialed with insurance panels under 30 days. They took care of the whole process and provided frequent updates. Lilit was very knowledgeable in mental health billing and offered great advice to grow my business. RCM also renegotiated my rates to meet or exceed market standards. The staff was immediately available to answer questions and well organized. It was great to have them on our side to resolve any insurance billing issues. Overall, I'm very satisfied with their service, support, and expertise.
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